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Multiverse Enterprises Inc provides New York City and Long Island area small businesses with big-business class Information Technology (IT) Support and Consulting services.

We provide routine maintenance and monitoring for your network — your servers, workstations, backups, and more are monitored 24x7 to allow us to detect and correct problems before they can affect your business.

With our fixed monthly service plans, customized specifically for your business requirements, we can provide you more predictable IT support costs. Unlike more traditional break/fix service providers who benefit only when you have a problem, it's in our best interest to ensure your network remains in the most stable and reliable condition possible at all times.

"Mr. Lee Wilbur is a true IT professional with a passion for the technology space and an eye on its future. His ability to integrate technology into his business culture and ethics provides him with many opportunities of networking and an advancement of his skillset. He is always willing to help and offer guidance if and when needed by his clients and fellow IT peers. These traits speaks very highly of him as a person and a true IT professional. I highly recommend and endorse him as a person of high regards who is very professional and a great networking resource. I am happy to have him as a member of TITSSN and I look forward to continually working with him."

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